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We are incredibly grateful to all of the families who donate to and fundraise for Tailor Ed. Following on from some feedback that we’ve received from families, we have investigated different methods of how you and/ your family members could contribute to our running costs on a regular basis.

Did you know that you can make a regular donation by becoming a part of Team Tailor Ed?

Alternatively you can pledge a fundraising activity to Tailor Ed. We’re always happy to hear of fundraising plans and will provide help in terms of advertising and support where we can.

To volunteer to help with a fundraising event email our Events Officer at fundraising@tailoredfoundation.co.uk

Perhaps you work or own a local business? Please contact our Events and Fundraising Officer to discuss how you can help Tailor Ed.

Legacies. Perhaps you may consider leaving a gift in your will to Tailor Ed Foundation.  A special gift like this really makes a difference to the way we are able to plan ahead for the benefit of our service users. Please contact us if you are thinking of leaving a gift in this way.

We are both grateful and really touched that so many of the families we support take the time and effort to support us in return.

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