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‘Your incredible support and dedication to my son’s progress made a HUGE difference! Thank you so much for all!’

Who is it for?

Tailor Ed’s Early Years Service is for families with a child with a diagnosis of autism, living in The City of Edinburgh. We accept referrals for children entering their preschool year from parents and professionals.  We have a capacity to work with 35 families annually and will be open each year to referrals from May to July.

What is it?

Our Early Years Service provides 12 months of support to families to teach their child the most essential skills they need in day to day life. We focus on communication, daily living skills such as toileting, and “learning to learn” skills such as listening to instructions and play skills.

What is involved?

Families will receive home based support – regular visits from a project worker to work directly with the child and their family. The intensity of this support will vary depending on what is required to make progress on targets. Often there will be weekly or fortnightly visits and there will be phases when visits will be less regular as we make sure that new skills are firmly embedded in family life. There may also be targets that require more intensive support such as toileting or establishing an evening routine and more regular visits will then be scheduled.

We will also provide 1:1 interactive parent training that will be target and child-centred. These will let us cover the theory behind the strategies we’ll be showing you, show you video examples of this work in action and discuss any questions.  We’ll also provide opportunities to join small workgroups where parents come together to develop strategies around targets such as diet and attending medical appointments.

Families will join a community of Edinburgh families raising a child with autism.  We provide opportunities to attend autism-friendly play sessions, family-days and other cultural events as well access to informal support from other parents facing similar challenges.

To make a referral get in touch to request a short form. 

Email contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk or call 0131 624 8970.

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