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Our interventions are based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) which is a therapeutic approach developed from the study of human behaviour.  At Tailor Ed, our main focus is to increase the development of adaptive daily living skills.

‘I could write pages about the valuable work Tailor Ed do for families like mine. Our son is a changed boy, he showers independently, is more confident and willing to try new things that he finds difficult. life is so much easier and our Project Worker has given me the confidence to try new things with our son in a way I would never of thought of. There are no other services out there like Tailor Ed, believe me, I have tried lots. Life is so hard and stressful bringing up a child, especially with Autism, their life is so confusing. Tailor Ed can change the child’s life and make families see there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.’Parent

Our interventions are a three-stage service as follows:


We accept referrals for children up to the age of 12 who have a confirmed diagnosis of autism. The child must live in Edinburgh for us to be able to accept your referral. A referral form must be completed either by the parent or guardian of the child or by a professional such as a social worker, a doctor, a learning disability nurse or support worker. Please return the completed form by emailing it to contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk or posting it to 11-13 Maritime Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6SB. Once we receive your form, we will contact the parent or guardian within one week to confirm receipt. If you have sent a referral and haven’t heard from us after a week, please get in touch. Your case will then be added to our database. Within 6-8 weeks after receiving your form, we will contact you to arrange for a member of our team to come out and do some assessment visits. These allow the project worker to meet you and your child, and to understand how best we can help you.


Assessment visits will take place at your home. The first appointment is to allow the project worker to complete some of our paperwork and to give you some general information. The second appointment gives the project worker a chance to meet your child while the third appointment gives you and the project worker an opportunity to discuss what type of target work and intervention will best suit your needs. They will be able to explain in detail the types of services we offer and answer any questions about these. Once these 3 assessments are completed, you will be added to the appropriate waiting list. Please be aware that our waiting times are lengthy. We will contact you when you reach the top of the waiting list.


At the assessment stage, the project worker will have suggested which type of intervention may suit you best. Our services are designed to help you with specific problems your child and/or family are facing.

‘Tailor Ed is so unique in the way they work with families. They get to know the child first and gain their confidence. They make learning difficult tasks fun and boosted our son’s self esteem. They are always there on the phone offering support and advice and anything I need they will do for me. Even although we are finished with Tailor Ed, I still receive emails about great support groups and courses which I attend.’ Parent

We can help with this in 3 different ways:

  1. Home based interventions: You will be allocated a project worker who will come out to your house and work with you and your child. They will design an intervention with you and help you implement it at times of day and at a frequency which ensure the intervention is successful. Download leaflet in Word here Interventions – homebased or in PDF here Interventions – homebased
  2. One-to-one consultations: The project worker will design an intervention plan with you and then provide support with regular phone calls, emails and meetings as you carry out this plan at home. Download leaflet in Word here Interventions consultation or in PDF here Interventions consultation
  3. Workgroups: You will be able to attend a series of workshops on a particular subject run in a small group of parents who are dealing with the same difficulties. The project worker running the workgroups will help you design and implement strategies to tackle the particular issue. These workgroups generally run over a few months with a session every couple of weeks. Download leaflet in Word here Interventions – workgroups or in PDF here Interventions – workgroups

Download general leaflet (PDF) here new-leaflet-2016

We have 3 waiting lists corresponding to the 3 types of intervention we provide. The waiting time varies depending on the list you are on, according to the type of intervention that you and the project worker have agreed upon. Our interventions are not time limited which means we work with families until the target set at the assessment stage has been achieved.  Because of this, we are unable to predict when your turn may come, but please be assured that we will contact you to arrange an assessment in the order in which the referral has been received. Only once the assessment has been made, will your case be added to one of the 3 waiting lists.

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