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April 2019 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter. 
Below you’ll find information on…
– Our New Fundraising Manager, Stuart McCallum
– Jamie’s ROARsome progress
– Upcoming events for April

Tailor Ed News
A new addition to the team
We are delighted to announce that Stuart McCallum has joined Tailor Ed as our Fundraising Manager. We shall leave Stuart to introduce himself below but suffice to say we’re excited to have someone on board with such an impressive track record raising significant funds for important projects in the charitable sector.  


My name is Stuart McCallum and I am delighted to have started as Tailor Ed’s new Fundraising Manager on the 1st April – honestly it wasn’t a joke!  I am honoured to be working for an organisation with such a proven record of supporting children and families across Edinburgh and I am excited by the challenge of securing funds to enable staff to continue to deliver high quality services.

Now as a fundraiser it would simply be remiss of me not to gently mention that I might/will be back in touch with regard to how you can help me!! For example just as a starter do you or any of your family and friends work for businesses who like to support charities? If you do why not put in a good word for Tailor Ed Foundation, although I’m sure you all do already!  I’m also keen to hear from anyone who has an idea or has heard of an opportunity to raise funds.  I know Tailor Ed has many families and friends keen to help so please know that I’m here to offer any support required to help your amazing efforts. 

A wee bit about me: I’ve stayed in Leith for nearly 40 years and been involved in youth and children’s work for the past 30 years. It’s great to now be able to walk to work – the joggers, dog walkers, scootering kids and even seagulls are a lot better than the 90 minute commute I did previously.  My wife makes sure I’m well looked after. My two daughters are now grown up and have flown the coop. I’m still recovering financially and emotionally from the oldest’s wedding last year.  Speaking of walking and being an emotional wreck, in my spare time I like to play golf at Lochend Golf Club where I know every inch of the course!  I love sport especially football and wont bore you with too many details except to say I picked up my semifinal tickets this week LOL

We’ll get Stuart along to some parent and family events in the coming months, and feel free to drop him a line and welcome him to Team Tailor Ed (fundraising@tailoredfoundation.co.uk).
ROARsome Progress
This month we wanted to share with you the fantastic progress Jamie has made with support from his mum Helen and our Senior Project Worker Callum.  

Helen has been accessing our Target Specific Service and booked an appointment just before Christmas to get some support around helping her son Jamie to manage loud noises and busy places. Jamie often felt overwhelmed on outings and would get upset and ask to leave or go home. Jamie had asked his mum for some help with this as he said that one day, he would like to attend a Hibs football match – Jamie is a very big fan!

Together, Helen and Callum identified with Jamie where he was comfortable and at what point he started to find things difficult. This gave us the start point for desensitisation and a hierarchy of steps to help Jamie gradually become more comfortable around loud noises and busy places. It was important that with each stage Jamie was relaxed and that we wouldn’t move on until he was comfortable.

We also targeted Jamie’s skills around recognising when he was finding a situation difficult and what he could do to help him self-regulate. For instance, Jamie discovered that squeezing someone’s hand or asking to go somewhere for a short break would help.

Between appointments with Callum, Helen and Jamie would work on the next steps.  Over the next couple of months, they started going out more and Jamie began to feel more comfortable going to busier places and managing loud noises. He also became more able to recognise when he felt uncomfortable and could choose a strategy to self-regulate.
Amazingly, Jamie has recently attended his mum’s 50th birthday party and even more importantly enjoyed a Hibs football match! Callum and everyone at Tailor Ed are very proud of him and the progress he has made, both taking part in a family celebrations and pursuing his own goals.  Well done Jamie!

“The help and advice Jamie and I have been given has had a really good result. It has helped him deal with noise and crowds and recognise when he becomes stressed. A slow process but most definitely a worthwhile process – there is light at the end of the tunnel.” 
Helen, Jamie’s mum.

If you’d like to join Team Tailor Ed and support our work with children like Jamie please click here…  http://tailoredfoundation.co.uk/donate/team-tailor-ed/ 

Dad’s night
Iain and some other Tailor Ed dads are doing the pub quiz at the Newsroom from 8ish on Thursday the 25th of April.  Feel free to drop by to join them/form a rival team.

If you would like to be added to our dad’s mailing list for information on events like these, please email pete@tailoredfoundation.co.uk. These are informal relaxed gatherings and a chance to meet with other dads who are raising a child with autism. 

Autism Friendly Play Session (Open to all children with ASN)
Our regular autism friendly play session at Time Twisters will run on Wednesday April 24th from 4pm-6pm. Time Twisters is at Unit 5, Catalyst Park, 2B Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh EH11 4EJ.
These sessions are held to create a less busy play session for children and families who may find it difficult to access mainstream provisions.  These sessions are closed to the general public but siblings and friends are welcome to attend. A member of Tailor Ed staff (usually Pete) will be present at these sessions.
These sessions cost £5.25 per child (adults enter for free). For families who want to attend but need help with the cost, we have a small budget available for this.
Please email contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk for a form.

Mum’s night
Mum’s nights are informal relaxed gatherings providing a chance to meet with other mums who are raising a child with autism.  Aliki is currently arranging the next meet up.  Please follow the link below to have your say on the doodle poll…


If you would like to be added to our mum’s mailing list, where we set dates and plan what to do for events please email Aliki (aliki@tailoredfoundation.co.uk).

Coffee Morning
The next coffee morning with be towards the end of May/start of June – we’ll share details as we have them. The focus of this session will be about sharing a child’s diagnosis and the various challenges this can raise.  We’re hoping to have some parents there to share with you their choices and approach to this and we’ll also share some of our own resources which can help. 

Training Opportunity for Professionals
We’re inviting professionals to join us for a one day tour of our unique approach to autism education led by the practitioners who developed it, Roo Philip and Kate Langer.  
‘The Tailor Ed Approach to supporting essential skill development for children with autism’ will outline our contemporary and practical application of behavioural principles and evidence based teaching techniques.  This will take place on Saturday 11th of May from 10am – 4pm.  The cost for the session is £30 per person.  For more information or to book a place please email contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk

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