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January 2019 Newsletter


Hello and welcome to our January Newsletter.  Below you’ll find information on…

Recruitment – We’re looking for a fantastic Fundraising Manager

Your opportunity to be as great as Iain Mackenzie

Adam’s ROARsome progress

Upcoming events


Tailor Ed News

Iain’s Fundraising Challenge

Iain is a Tailor Ed dad who many of you may know…  In addition to starring with his family in our short film Iain has also been a linchpin of our very successful Dad’s group, contributing to the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the group and has been instrumental in setting up the offshoot ‘informal’ dad’s nights too.  What you may not know is that Iain also takes part in an annual challenge to raise funds for Tailor Ed.  Iain has taken part in the Great Wilderness Challenge for the last 5 years and raised a total of £3,380 for us for which we are incredibly grateful.  This year we’d like to support Iain in his challenge and are seeking to pull together a Tailor Ed Team for the event.  Below is some information and inspiration from Iain himself.  Get in touch if you’d like to sign up or find out more…

Each year I participate in the Great Wilderness Challenge (GWC) charity event and donate a percentage of the monies that I raise to Tailor Ed.  The GWC takes place in and around the hills of Wester Ross.  Wester Ross forms part of the westerly section of the “North Coast 500”.  The route takes participants along a series of mountain tracks, and in some cases across a few rivers and boggy bits, through the estates around Poolewe and Aultbea.  There are several routes ranging from 25 miles to 1.4 which can be walked or run.  Whilst some routes are hilly and boggy others are suitable for those with limited mobility. There are safety checkpoints every few miles on all of the routes.  The checkpoints all serve drinks and a few of them also serve snacks.  A few of the checkpoints have also been known to serve refreshments of the “electric soup” variety 🙂

Accommodation-wise there are several hotels, B&Bs and campsites around the area in Aultbea, Poolewe and Gairloch and an myriad of self-catering properties for rent.  Some combine the event with the North Coast 500.

For the last 4 or 5 years, I have done the 13 mile walking route (and some of you have seen the nick of me, so if I can do it you guys can probably do it too).  It is a very well organised event and is a very friendly event (not just because I am an returning-from-exile local).  It would be great to be able to put forward a “Team Tailor Ed” for the 2019 event, maybe including some of the dads amongst others.  Who’s with us?

More details about the event, and possibly some dodgy photos of me, can be found here:


We’re recruiting

Tailor Ed are looking for a Fundraising Manager.  This is a crucial role in our organisation, and we think a great opportunity to join a committed, talented and passionate team and make a real difference for the families we support. Find details of the post and how to apply at the link below.



ROARsome Progress

This month we’d like to share with you Adam’s progress in our Early Years Service as described by his Project Worker Pete. Like much of our work in this service it all starts by ensuring children have a ‘voice’ and can have a say about what’s important to them.

Adam was part of our August intake in to our Early Years Service and when we met him, he struggled to get his point across.  This became our main focus and Adam has made fantastic progress using picture exchange communication system (PECS) in only a couple of months. Adam has mastered the first phase of PECS – making requests by handing over symbols. He’s using this new skill to request both at nursery and at home and nursery staff and his SaLT have been delighted with his progress.

He is almost there with phase two which involves him seeking out who he needs to communicate with and persevering to get his point across. We are all looking forward to starting to work on phase three this month where Adam will learn to select the specific picture that communicates his needs. Adam has been practicing lots at nursery and with his mum at home. This progress has benefited from regular collaboration with Adam’s nursery SaLT who has joined our sessions at home and invited me to observe Adam using PECS at nursery.


Adam is well on his way to developing the essential life-long skill of being able to let those around him hear his wants and needs.  He has independently requested for all the important things in his life… balloons, raisins, rice-cakes, drinks, digestives, jump, tickle, red spikey ball, pin art game and sensory toys!

We’re all really impressed with the progress Adam has made.  If you’d like to join Team Tailor Ed and support our work with children like Adam click below.

Team Tailor Ed



Autism Friendly Play Session (Open to all children with ASN)

Our regular autism friendly play session at Time Twisters will run on Wednesday January 30th from 4pm-6pm. Time Twisters is at Unit 5, Catalyst Park, 2B Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh EH11 4EJ.

These sessions are held to create a less busy play session for children and families who may find it difficult to access mainstream provisions.  These sessions are closed to the general public but siblings and friends are welcome to attend. A member of Tailor Ed staff will be present at these sessions.

These sessions cost £5.25 per child (adults enter for free). For families who want to attend but need help with the cost, we have a small budget available for this.

Please email contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk for a form.


New Year Party

HOLD THE DATE! Our New Year Party at Time Twisters will be on Friday the 1st of February from 4pm til 6pm (slightly earlier than usual to ensure our new Early Years Families can also join the fun).  This is a free event for Tailor Ed Families.  Look out for your invite with more information soon.


Further details of our program of events for 2019 will be in our February Newsletter.

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