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‘…the work from Tailor Ed has been invaluable and we can never thank you guys enough. Everything has led to happier child, family life and made bonds so much closer.’

Welcome to our campaign page.

What has happened

After 8 years of support, our core funder has decided not to continue funding us. As a small and independent charity we simply can’t absorb this loss. As we are an intervention based service working with children with complex needs, we need some funding secured in to the future to responsibly take on new families.Our previous Lottery grant finished at the end of October and we are currently running on our reserves. These reserves will run out at the end of March 2018. We will have to close our doors if we are unsuccessful in securing the funding we need.

Why Tailor Ed’s Services are so important

To date Tailor Ed has supported 317 families raising a child with autism in Edinburgh. We do practical, direct work with children teaching them vital daily living skills such as learning how to communicate, increasing independence, keeping themselves safe and learning to learn.

There is no other service in Edinburgh that works within the family home, simultaneously skilling up both the child and their family. There is no other service that works on the areas we target as a preventative measure, rather than waiting until families are in crisis. There is no other service holistically supporting families with target based work and social supports to ensure that families are included in their local community.

Demand for our service is such that in July 2015 we closed to new referrals in order to work through our extensive waitlist. With a large multi-year core grant, we had hoped to reopen referrals to our services to work with more families in Edinburgh and to do so needed to increase our staff team and raise £280k per year for the next three years to ensure that we deliver and maintain a viable service.

If we abandon plans to recruit, with 7 staff can reach 300 families across the next 3 years at a cost of £215,000 per year

Current situation:

By the end of March 2018 we will have to decide whether we have sufficient funding in place to continue to operate (although this will likely be at a reduced capacity). If we can’t raise the funds required and see a sustainable future helping families then we may be forced to close.

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