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Support for Tailor Ed from Tailor Ed Families


An open letter from Tailor Ed families seeking your help

We are a collective of parents and carers who are raising children with autism living in Edinburgh. We write to make you aware of the massive but often invisible challenges we face and tell you how our lives have been transformed by the ground-breaking work carried out by Leith-based charity, Tailor Ed.

Tailor Ed, who work with 200 families living in the city of Edinburgh, is now fighting for its life and we really need you to understand what this service means to us, and could mean to future generations of families who are starting out on their journey raising a child with autism.

For all of us, life before Tailor Ed was extremely hard.  When you are parenting a child whose disabilities emerge in one long line of missed developmental milestones, the hope you cling on to (that everything will be ok, or manageable at least) eventually collapses into an all-pervasive sense of failure as a parent – you don’t know how to make things better for your child (and none of the professionals involved seem to know either), you become isolated due to societal expectations of your child and your child’s future seems bleak. You realise that most, if not all, of the typical life skills and milestones will be much harder for your child. As there is so little support on offer in the early years to give our children the skills to make progress, a successful and happy future for our children seems impossible.


Tailor Ed see us as a whole family and they understand the challenges we’re up against.  They do what it takes, at any time of day (and sometimes night!) to ensure that our children get the help they need to master skills essential for living; eating, sleeping, communicating.  As well as the specialist intervention work they provide our children they also give us as parents the support we need; time to discuss our concerns, insights in to how our child learns, and practical things like a monthly dads group and family parties we all feel confident we can attend and enjoy.

Funding pressures now mean that Tailor Ed is under threat and so we need your help.

By supporting Tailor Ed, you are pledging to support:

  • A charity that gives autistic children a choice and voice to tell us what they want and show us what they can do
  • A charity that gives parents a shot at the daily family experiences it’s so easy to take for granted
  • A charity that understands us and knows how to help

We have all felt lost following the diagnosis our children received, and Tailor Ed have helped us find our way again as parents.  It is thanks to Tailor Ed that very complex, disabled children, often society’s hardest to reach and teach, have been given the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Please help us.

Attend our emergency fundraising event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tailor-ed-foundation-emergency-fundraiser-tickets-43087646310

Donate: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tailoredhelpfortailored

Write to us: contact@tailoredfoundation.co.uk


Aaron Cowan

Adam Aaron

Adel Abokharis

Agnes Anumel

Agnes Drapala

Alan Crosbie

Alasdair Bennett

Alison Dobbie Fraser

Alison Nicholson

Alison Turnbull

Alister Duff

Amanda Liddle

Amanda Whitney

Amelia Macfarlane

Amy Hitchcock

Andrew Pake

Andrew Sherlock

Angus Macleod

Anna Mazur

Anthea Duncan

Azra Ashan

Barbara Poplawska

Ben Brogan

Ben Paechter

Ben Qian

Bilkis Khatun

Carol Pake

Carole Brown

Caroline Bingham

Caroline Reid

Catherine Pettigrew

Cathie Drummond

Charlotte Nicholsby

Chloe Bingham

Claire O’Connor

Craig Boath

Crerar Christie

Danielle Corry

Darren McPherson

Darren Whitney

David Bingham

David Tree

David Walton

David Wilkie

Debbie Cannon

Debbie Young

Dina Ahmed

Doris Duff

Douglas Blakey

Ed Watt

Elizabeth Anderton

Emma Barnton

Emma Macleod

Euan Brown

Fiona Armit

Frederic Deprez

Gabriella Tully

Gillian Christie

Graham Galloway

Guri Le Riche

Guy Nicholson

Hazel Nicholson

Howie Nicholsby

Iain Cole

Iain MacKenzie

Iain McLean

Iain Tully

Ian Barnton

Ibtisam Abokharis

Ileana Thomson

Ingrid LeLoup

Ishatou Baber

Iulia Toch

Jem Anderton

Jennifer Walton

Jessica Rogaly

Jillian Franklin

Jimmy Martin

Joanna Baranek

Joanna McLean

Joe Marshal

John Hitchcock

John O’Connor

John Tindal

Jonah Hart

Julie Bowie

Kamila Pisarek

Kathy MacLean

Katie Bennett

Kayleigh Denham

Kenny Drummond

Kerry Robertson

Kexiao Qian

Kim Howell

Laura Henretty

Laura McPherson

Lauren Brash

Lee Liddle

Leighanne Quinn

Lewis Henderson

Liam Findlayson

Linda McGovern

Lisa Aaron

Lorna Cunningham

Lynn Doig

Lynne Donald

Magdalena Slupek

Margaret Parkinson

Marian Grothey

Marie Martin

Marion MacKenzie

Marufa Kaunain

Mary Marshal

Mary Marshall

Megan Sansom

Natasha Murray

Patricia Davies

Patryk Pisarek

Paul Doig

Paul Henretty

Paul McLear

Paula Kyle

Paula McLear

Pauline Cole

Pauline Henderson

Peter Drapala

Peter Schuller

Ritchie Thomson

Rosie Boath

Ross Corry

Ross Cunningham

Ryan Schuller

S Waheed

Saima Jabeen

Sandi Wilkie

Sarah Moyer

Sarah O’Hara

Sarah Twigg

Scott Allan

Scott Drummond

Sean Fitzharris

Shawana Shazad

Sheena Crosbie

Shona Hart

Sinead Reynolds

Stefania Brown

Stuart Denham

Susan Brogan

Susan Tindal

Tim Parkinson

Tommy Callaghan

Vasile Toch

Vicki Allan

Vicki McWalter

Vicky Smith

Victoria McWalter

Wendy Murdoch

Wlodzimierz Smurzynski



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