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‘It’s so much easier to communicate with [our son], easier to find out what he wants, less tantrums. We are very happy to see that it’s possible for [our son] to make progress and learn. It gives us hope.’

Testimonials from Families we have Helped

Tailor Ed is a fantastic organisation who have provided me with invaluable support, advice and helpful suggestions.”

“Excellent service, with really useful information, clearly communicated and lots of space to discuss my son’s individual needs. Excellent support too. Thank you.”

‘I felt that the sessions helped me to appreciate, much better than before, how challenging my son was finding his issues. It was helpful to be able to talk this through methodically with someone experienced, not get bogged down in my feelings about how the issue was affecting us as a family. Things are much better but, more importantly, continuing to improve. The sessions with TE have helped greatly, giving me knowledge but also the confidence to work out new strategies as required. This was a really helpful process for us as a family. The advice given was very clearly explained and the advisor was really patient, responding to issues that arose as we worked through the process. I was left with a much greater understanding of my son’s issue, how he saw it and how best to support him and with more confidence in my ability to do this. In addition, simply being able to discuss our day to day experiences with this issue, in a relaxed and supportive environment, with someone outside of the family, was a big relief. I am extremely grateful to the organisation and frequently recommend them to others!’

‘Your incredible support and dedication to my son’s progress made a HUGE difference! Thank you so much for all!’

‘Before  I heard about Tailor Ed I did not know who to turn to for help. I felt I simply did not know enough about autism to be able to tackle daily living skill issues. I did not know where to start. I did not know what difficulties were attributable to autism and what difficulties and issues were due to dealing with a truculent 5 year old. Books help but nothing beats talking to an expert.’

‘Working with Tailor Ed has give us more confidence as parents. No one else does what they do: Tailor Ed also helps parents learn about autism….who else does that? After diagnosis one is left with the Internet as a friend. Tailor Ed see past a behaviour and see the child. I fear losing this service. Quite simply who would help me to be the best parent I can be? There is no one to turn to help us with the challenges faced with living with autism. We would miss our Project Worker and the team and the support they bring to our family. And what about my wee one…who will help her achieve her potential without the input of Tailor Ed? Last year she could not dress herself..now she insists upon trying, all by herself. What a result.’

‘As a mother I can understand my son better than before and I have gained some skills and how to use them with my child in different situation. Also the communication between us has improved.’

‘It’s so much easier to communicate with [our son], easier to find out what he wants, less tantrums. We are very happy to see that it’s possible for [our son] to make progress and learn. It gives us hope.’

‘We can now do things together. My younger daughter is safe. We are all happier.’

‘Greater ability to think through and create our own strategies and so a smoother ride for all the family! Greater understanding/more insight from us as parents to why he acts in the way he does at times.’

‘I am confident that I will be able to continue to make progress using the strategies put in place by Tailor Ed.’

‘Our project worker was personable and enthusiastic. She listened well and made helpful suggestions’

Testimonials from Services that we have Worked with. 

‘The fact that Tailor Ed work in the family home-essential. That is the key reason we refer families to them. We don’t have that kind of support in school. Things we’re working on in school and trying to encourage that support in home. We are able to work alongside Tailor Ed to work on skills in family home which create a consistent approach between home and school while supporting families.’

‘Community learning disability nurses are spread thin. For some families they are helpful but other families need more intense support that Tailor Ed can offer. Tailor Ed works in homes at early hours and late at night and are more flexible.’

‘Tailor Ed do hands on skill related work. Tailor Ed knows that families need support with specific skills. Tailor Ed are good at working more directly with families in a more hands on way than other services are able to do.’

‘I have definitely experienced positive benefits from Tailor Ed’s Intervention work. Families master self help skills that aren’t a priority for other services. For example: a little boy needs a haircut every 4 weeks which is a little thing to other professional organisations, but to a family to get help for something so practical and so small makes a huge difference. Once they learn the skills they can transfer them to other things.’


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