The Tailor Ed Approach

Tailor Ed uses many different approaches when designing and delivering strategies to support children and young people. We know that there are many types of support, and we tailor these to meet the needs of all the children and families we work with. We design our support from the principles of Behaviour Science, which means we don’t use standard procedures or protocols, but design individual programmes which are tailored for each child. We work with families to ensure the child’s needs and wellbeing are always at the centre.


Tailor Ed is committed to examining and following the evidence base for supporting autistic children. This included consideration of evidence from different levels; we look at the previous supports for an individual; what has and hasn’t been effective before in helping that person. We consider the experience we have gained from our own services and what we’ve found effective in our own projects. We are committed to listening to the community and those with lived experience, and what they have found helpful. We also examine the evidence from scientific literature and recommendations made by review committees, particularly the Scottish Intercollegiate Guideline Network all in line with GIRFEC principles.


The profiling tool that we use to identify the support needs for children and young people:


“We have been given practical solutions to so many areas of Veronica’s life – we have learned so much from truly inspirational, kind and knowledgeable people. Tailor Ed have transformed our lives beyond all recognition – you have quite literally scooped Veronica off the floor, given her a communication system, given her the motor co-ordination & confidence to go up and down stairs – any kind of stairs – and have improved her listening & attention skills and eye contact in a way that no-one else has come anywhere near matching.”

– Veronica’s Mum

We have been so impressed with the various things that are on offer from Tailor Ed and hope to continue enjoying them. Best support we have had. Thank you.

No other organisation helped with toilet training in our culture….even the mosque couldn’t help.

Gained skills. Gained hope. For the future of our boy.