The Tailor Ed Team

Project Manager

Dr Ruth Philip PhD (Roo)

Roo has worked with children with autism since 2000, primarily in home based, family run education programs prior to beginning work with Tailor Ed in 2009. She has worked with children with autism up to the age of 19, focusing on teaching communication and daily living skills. She completed a PhD at Edinburgh University in 2009 where she investigated emotion processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Service Manager

Kate Langer

Kate has worked with children with autism and their families since 2001. During this time she has worked predominantly on a one-to-one basis with children with autism both in their homes and in schools. The main focus of this work has been to develop communication and daily living skills. She has worked with children from age 3 to 13 and has experience of working with many individuals with a diverse…

Early Years Service

Senior Project Worker

Pete McNaughton

Pete has worked with children and young people with autism since 2008. He has supported children both on a one to one basis and with group work in a variety of settings including family homes, schools, holiday play schemes, social clubs and in the…

Project worker

Martha Homberg

Martha has worked with children and young people with neurodevelopmental disabilities since 2014, focusing on work with autistic population since 2015. She has had the opportunity to work with groups…

Project worker

Eva Kriechbaum

Eva has worked with children with autism and other disabilities since 2011. She has supported children from 0-25 in different settings all with a person centred approach. Eva has supported children both one-to-one…

Project worker

Javier Roman Lopez

Javier, originally from the warm land of Seville, is passionate about education and autism. He started working in leisure activities with people with autism while studying a degree in Psychology at the University of Seville…

Target Specific Service

Tailor Ed Foundation is made up of a group of trained professionals from a variety of backgrounds – including education, psychology and health – who want to improve the day to day living of children with autism and enhance their family’s quality of life.

Senior Project Worker

Callum Parker

Callum has completed an undergraduate degree in psychology at Edinburgh University, graduating in 2012. He has personal experience of autism due to his younger brother having a diagnosis and has worked with children with autism since 2007…

Project worker

Kirstie Glen

Kirstie is originally from the Isle of Man but currently lives in Belgium with her husband and daughter. Kirstie is part of our Target Specific team, contributing to our remote offer of services. Kirstie completed her…

Project worker

Toni Jambazova

Toni completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2015 at the University of Aberdeen. Alongside her degree, she has worked with children and young people with autism aged between 5 and 18. She has …

Project Worker

Liz Kirby

Liz has worked with children and adults with autism and other disabilities since 2010. They have worked doing one-to-one support, as well as facilitating workshops and groups. Most recently, Liz has worked in a team leader role within…

Office Personnel

Fundraising Manager

Stuart McCallum

Stuart joined the team on April Fools day 2019! He has worked in youth and community work for nearly 30 years. In the past decade he has focused on fundraising, helping charities to secure essential funding from trusts, National Lottery, donors and community events…

Finance Officer

Avril Duff

Avril has joined Tailor Ed following 6 years as the Office Administrator for a charity supporting brain-injured adults. She has some awareness of the challenges facing children with autism from her four years as a volunteer call-taker with Parentline…

The Board

Our Board is a comprehensive mix of people, providing a range of skills, expertise and perspectives that guide Tailor Ed.

Matthew Day


Having worked with adults on the autistic spectrum since 1991, Matthew is currently the service coordinator for Number 6, Autism Initiatives. He has previously served as treasurer on the board of Changes Community Project (an East Lothian mental health charity). Matthew has had extensive training in autism, mental health and managing challenging services, and has a diploma in employment law

Susie Harding

Susie is a clinical psychologist and has worked in applied psychology for several years with children, young people and families. She has previously worked as a researcher for a children’s charity and as a behavioural therapist with children with autism on home intervention programmes.

Chris Brown


Chris is a Finance Analyst who has previously worked in the voluntary sector for a large Edinburgh based childcare organisation.

Dr Andrew Stanfield

Andy is an NHS consultant psychiatrist and co-director of the Patrick Wild Centre at the University of Edinburgh – a research initiative which focuses on autism and intellectual disability.

Jo McDermid

As a parent who has a son with Autism, Jo has had experience with a variety of different services that Tailor Ed work alongside. She adds a parent perspective to the Board, as well as supports Tailor Ed’s ethos that learning practical skills are the things which have the biggest impact on families.

Liz Murphy

Liz was Tailor Ed’s first administrative assistant and worked with the organisation for two years. She went on to do a masters in social work and is now working as a social worker.

Colleagues and Organisations we work with

First Hand

First Hand

First Hand provide a range of respite and sitting services in Edinburgh.  Delivered in the family home and local community they provide support and regular respite for parents, children and families affected by having a child with a disability from birth to 18 years of age. At times we team up with First Hand so that our services run in parallel.  A support worker from First Hand can take care of siblings whilst we work with the child in the family with autism and their parent(s).

The Yard

The Yard

The Yard is an adventure play centre specifically designed for children with additional support needs. They aim to provide care, support, fun and friendship in equal measure whilst encouraging families to let go and promote challenge, personal growth and supported independence for their children. They offer regular play sessions for special schools as an integral part of their curriculum and offer Early Years sessions on weekdays during term time. There are family sessions twice a week which couple respite with peer support for mums, dads, and siblings alike. They also run youth groups and a young adults club on weekdays. These give young disabled people the chance to socialise and try out new things with support from the Play team but independent from parents and carers.

Time Twisters

Time Twisters

Time Twisters is a soft play centre located in the West of the city. Time Twisters was developed and created by Edinburgh couple Andy & Shirley Hixon and opened in the early summer of 2006.  From the outset the goal has been to offer a higher quality, clean and safe play facility that also offers a better experience for the parents, grandparents and carers that visit.

In November 2014 we began working with Time Twisters to provide a monthly autism friendly play session.  More information about our sessions can be found in our newsletter  Time Twisters’ website can be found here

Dr Patrick McGreevy, Ph. D, BCBA-D

Dr Patrick McGreevy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years of experience with children and adults of all ages with developmental disabilities.  In 2012, Roo attended training from Pat in London on his functional life skills curriculum, Essential For Living.  Seeing the benefits of a curriculum focused on the skills children need for day to day life and the overlap this had with Tailor Ed’s work, we invited Pat to Edinburgh in 2013.  Pat joined us for a week during which time we ran a 2 day seminar for professionals on Essential For Living and the team also received direct tuition from Pat.  We have embedded much of this training in to our practice and focus on teaching the ‘Essential 8’ – the fundamental life skills required for day to day life to run smoothly.  More information on both Pat and this curriculum can be found below and by following this. link.

Charlotta Holenstein, MSc, BCBA

Charlotta Holenstein is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and has a Masters degree in Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour. Charlotta is based in Edinburgh and has particular experience in working with young people with social and emotional difficulties.  Given this area of expertise, Charlotta has provided our team with training on cognitive behaviour therapy methods and we will at times consult with Charlotta on specific cases or target areas. More information on Charlotta can be found following this link.