Support Services

What is it?

Our support services are designed to offer more informal support to Tailor Ed families and the wider autism community by providing inclusive social and play opportunities. Families of autistic children can feel isolated and can struggle to access services that can accommodate both the family’s need for social inclusion and the needs of autistic children.

Social experiences for children and families

We have offered a range of social opportunities for children and families both in person and online. In person opportunities have included regular ASN friendly soft-play session, accessible cinema opportunities, and ASN friendly dining sessions. During lockdowns and holidays we have offered a range of digital services via Zoom. These have included Circle Time in the mornings, weekly Zoom games sessions and different social group sessions. Online group sessions have included Tiger School giving children more structured opportunities to socialise online and a Zoom craft club.

If you are interested in finding out about current social experiences for children and families keep an eye out for our newsletters where these will be shared. Alternatively get in touch with your Project Worker.

A social experience for parents

We are also keen to facilitate social opportunities for parents where possible. If you are interested in meeting other parents and participate in our social events, please let your Project Worker know. These events are also advertised in our newsletters and our closed Facebook group.

In the past we have offered Mums’ Nights and Dads’ Groups allowing parents and carers to socialise over a drink or meal. These social opportunities have also included pub quizzes and mini golf. We have also offered semi regular coffee mornings that combine informative sessions on topics ranging from well-being to school transitions with an opportunity to get to know other parents over tea and coffee.  We’ve offered these both in person and online.

Our summer guide

Each year we also try and collate a guide to inclusive social and leisure experiences available locally to help families find accessible activities over the school holidays.

Download the Guide