Practitioner training

Work effectively with autistic children and young people at home or in the community.

At Tailor Ed we are passionate about the work we do and we have developed training courses to share our experience with other professionals and interested parties.

Tailor Ed is providing a unique training curriculum designed to develop the skills of those working with autistic children and young people. The course is designed to be beneficial for both experienced and new practitioners.

Training for Professionals

Tailor Ed works collaboratively with other service providers and professionals working with autistic children by communicating and working in partnership on individual cases and by providing training to them. We are able to offer a series of training sessions for professionals, details of which are below. A half-day training session costs £500 for up to 15 participants. For groups larger than this, there will be an additional charge.

We are also able to offer bespoke training service where a project worker will visit your service before designing specific training, so please get in touch and let us know about your training requirements.

Please see the list of the training courses for below:

Understanding Autism Workshop
The Understanding Autism Workshop provides our most up to date understanding of autism and includes examples of how autism affects different people in different ways. It provides a method to think about how autism affects children and opportunities to consider this.

Understanding Problem Behaviour Workshop
This session focuses on identifying and understanding the reasons autistic children can display problem behaviour.

Introducing Systems that Support Understanding Workshop
There are several teaching techniques and communication systems that the Tailor Ed team have found helpful in supporting a variety of daily living activities and skills. In this workshop we’ll cover how to design and implement these effectively at home. We will include supports such as sand timers, visual timetables, choice boards and reward charts.

Social Stories & Comic Strip Conversations Workshop
In this workshop we will cover two approaches that can be used to support clear communication. Social stories are useful in providing relevant information about social situations and comic strip conversations can be used to facilitate conversation and help a child to consider thoughts and feelings.

Teaching play skills
This workshop covers techniques that can help an autistic child develop their play skills.  This includes playing independently and with others as well as approaches to introducing them to new interests. Please note that as with all other workshops, this is not for children to attend.

Sign-a-long Workshop
This is a workshop open to those who would like to be taught a range of functional signs and also learn when and how to apply signing most effectively to support communication.

Please feel free to contact us for up to date information on the above workshops, by email on:

Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy whereby the full amount will be charged if training is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.
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