‘We now have activities that she loves to do with us and these include the rest of the family. In the main her comprehension and happiness has increased dramatically.’

'It’s so much easier to communicate with [our son], easier to find out what he wants, less tantrums. We are very happy to see that it’s possible for [our son] to make progress and learn. It gives us hope.’

‘We can now do things together. My younger daughter is safe. We are all happier.’

‘As a mother I can understand my son better than before and I have gained some skills and how to use them with my child in different situation. Also the communication between us has improved.’

‘Thank you for all the help you have given [our son] and us over the past year. He has come on so much and it’s all because of you.’

‘…the work from Tailor Ed has been invaluable and we can never thank you guys enough. Everything has led to happier child, family life and made bonds so much closer.’

‘We have definitely benefited from Tailor Ed a lot. I have more awareness of different strategies to use with my child and more confident and will definitely recommend them to everyone.’

‘Your incredible support and dedication to my son’s progress made a HUGE difference! Thank you so much for all!’