‘As a mother I can understand my son better than before and I have gained some skills and how to use them with my child in different situation. Also the communication between us has improved.’

Tailor Ed Foundation has been supporting families in Edinburgh raising a child with autism with the day to day challenges of family life since 2009. Our wish is to see children with autism and their families empowered and included, able to live the lives they want to and access all the day to day experiences that other families take for granted.

We set up because we saw that there was a gap where families were struggling to support their child to gain the everyday skills that they needed for daily life, skills that people often take for granted – being able to put on your shoes and brush your teeth.  We know that for children with autism often those skills don’t come as naturally and there are challenges there because of the unique way that they think and that they learn.  This also includes skills that often we don’t even notice are really skills – being able to wait when you need to wait in a queue, being able to take direction to keep yourself safe, being able to get the things that you want and need around you and accept that there are boundaries around some of those things some of the time.  Without these skills daily life is difficult, stressful and isolating for children and their families.  Tailor Ed provides services to families to allow these essential skills to develop so family life can run more smoothly.


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We’re really sorry to tell you all that we’ve learned that a recent funding bid has been unsuccessful.

So what happens now?

Nothing will change immediately – any services you’re currently accessing will stay the same for now. We have sufficient reserves (due to your amazing community fundraising and donations) to keep us going short term whilst we do everything we can to secure the funds required.

At the end of March 2018 we will have to decide whether we have sufficient funding in place to continue to operate (although this will likely be at a reduced capacity). If we can’t raise the funds required and see a sustainable future we may be forced to close.


Further updates will be shared on our social media and our website.

We’re really sorry to have to share this news with you and please be assured we’re doing everything we can to keep our services available to you all.


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