‘We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help and support! It has made such as massive difference to our family and we are so grateful to you!’

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Training Opportunity coming up

Join us for a one day tour of our unique approach to autism education
led by the practitioners who developed it, Roo Philip and Kate Langer.

The Tailor Ed Approach to supporting
essential skill development for
children with autism

A contemporary and practical application of behavioural principles and evidence based teaching techniques.

Saturday the 11th of May
10am to 4pm

Venue will be in Edinburgh, to be confirmed based on numbers attending
£30 per person

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Morning session
We’ll give you a brief insight in to the background of our organisation and set the context of the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  We’ll also share the values that drive our approach and our commitment to focusing on ‘must have’ skills that lead to meaningful benefits that individuals themselves care about.  To achieve this we take a highly individualised approach which we’ll share through discussion of our profiling tool that forms the basis for target setting and intervention design.  A crucial component of successful and meaningful teaching is to understand the motivations of the learner and value and share in these and we’ll give examples of how we do this.

Afternoon session
We’ll then get in to the nuts and bolts of the methods that help us teach learners new skills.  This includes an overview of basic learning theory, exploring the essential components of prompting and reinforcement.  It will include a practical guide to applying teaching technologies such as Natural Environment Teaching, shaping and task analysis and how to integrate these effective tools in a manner that never loses sight of the learner and their individual needs and desires.

Email to book your place 

About Us

Our wish is to see children with autism and their families empowered and included, able to live the lives they want to and access all the day to day experiences that other families take for granted.

From June 2018 onwards Tailor Ed will offer two services to those with a referral:

We also offer social supports which are open to the entire autism community.

Tailor Ed Foundation has been supporting families in Edinburgh since 2009. Tailor Ed was set up because we saw that there was a gap in services for  families who were struggling to support their child to gain the everyday skills that they needed for daily life, skills that people often take for granted – being able to put on your shoes and brush your teeth. Without these skills daily life can be difficult, stressful and isolating for children and their families. Tailor Ed provides services to families to allow these essential skills to develop so family life can run more smoothly.

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