Tailor Ed is a fantastic organisation who have provided me with invaluable support, advice and helpful suggestions.”

Tailor Ed Foundation (SC336886) is a small, independent charity committed to improving the quality of life for children with autism and their families.  We offer a home based service, where we teach practical skills and provide useful strategies tailored to your child and family. This service is available free of charge to families with a child with autism from the age of 3 to 12, living in the City of Edinburgh.  We target practical skills, from getting dressed and toileting, to brushing teeth and going to bed, as well as most things in between. We also provide training to professionals who work with autistic children.

As you are likely to be aware, we have a long wait list for our home based support service.  Given the length of this wait, we feel it’s no longer responsible or fair to accept new referrals. This will allow us to allocate more resources to providing support to the families already referred to us and waiting for our services.  We will review this decision in 6 months however, in the meantime, we will not be accepting new referrals. 

The one exception to this is the autism friendly play sessions that we offer in partnership with Time Twisters which continues to be open to ALL families in Edinburgh who have a child with autism.

If you have been referred to Tailor Ed then all this should mean is that we can provide you with services more quickly.


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