‘It’s so much easier to communicate with [our son], easier to find out what he wants, less tantrums. We are very happy to see that it’s possible for [our son] to make progress and learn. It gives us hope.’

Statement regarding the future of Tailor Ed from our Project Manager.

It is with great relief that we’re happy to share that Tailor Ed will remain open for the foreseeable future.  The response from families, friends, local businesses, politicians and funders has been truly incredible and as a result we’ve secured sufficient funding to feel confident about the year ahead and have plans in place to increase our financial security in the longer term.

On behalf of the Tailor Ed Team and the families we support we need to thank all who contributed to this outcome in so many creative and constructive ways.  There’s still much work to do and be assured that our work on fundraising remains constant even if our efforts are less visible than during the last few months.  We’re also very conscious that whilst it’s important Tailor Ed remains open, there are still a great many families we’re yet to reach.   Over the coming weeks we’ll be announcing changes to our services to maximise what we can achieve with the resource we have available.  We know it won’t be enough and again, please be assured that we’re doing all we can to address this.  But thank you for ensuring that we’re here and have so much to build from.

With love,



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