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Based on feedback from parents and the areas we’re commonly supporting autistic children and young people with, our ND:well Team are providing the following sessions. All sessions run twice with identical content, one during the day and one in the evening. Parents/carers can attend whichever session is most convenient.

Dates & Details of the Sessions are:

  • Sharing with your child that they are neurodivergent

    • Spend time exploring the process of helping your child understand their diagnosis with practical suggestions on how to approach what can feel like a daunting task
    • Wednesday 17th May at 1pm / Thursday 18th May at 8pm
  • Sleep

    • Learn all about sleep, how it works and sometimes doesn’t and consider what practical steps you can take to help promote better rest for your child
    • Thursday 25th May at 1pm / Thursday 25th May
  • Energy management

    • Hear about how life as an autistic individual can have different energy requirements and learn about about some tools to help plan and manage energy to support wellbeing
    • Wednesday 7th June at 1pm / Thursday 8th June at 8pm
  • Emotion regulation

    • Hear about the various ways we can make sense of emotions and how to support regulation
    • Wednesday 21st June at 1pm / Thursday 22nd June at 8pm
  • Zones of Regulation – 4 part course

    • Take part in 4 sessions to develop a deep understanding of emotion regulation and how to build a toolbox of strategies to support your child to understand and regulate their feelings using the Zones of Regulation approach
    • Dates are TBC

If you’d like to attend a session please just reply to this email to let us know ( We’ll then send you the zoom link the week of the session.

If you plan to attend any sessions and if you haven’t done so already, we’d also be grateful if you could complete the referral form (click on the button above) and also follow the link below to complete the data capture form as requested by our funders, the Scottish Government.

We plan to repeat these sessions and add in new topics based on your feedback.

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